Composite FillingsHere at Gregory A. Lis, DDS, we are proud to offer composite fillings for our patients.

Composite resin filling is a tooth colored mixture of plastic and glass. It is used to fill teeth that are damaged by decay but it can also be used cosmetically. We have used it to whiten teeth and reshape teeth that are damaged or disfigured.

The nice thing about composite fillings is that it comes in a variety of colors so that it can match your own teeth closely. It also attaches quite nicely to your natural teeth without the need for metal. This gives you a very natural smile!

Before you receive composite fillings, it is important to have your teeth cleaned well so that the mixture sticks to your teeth. Once applied, a specialized light is shined on the area to help it attach.

If you are interested in having a natural looking smile, feel free to contact us today at (330) 673-0121. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.