Under Armour Performance MouthguardsHere at Gregory A. Lis, DDS, we are proud to offer Under Armour Mouthwear to our patients.

Under Armour Mouthwear is the highest-quality athletic mouthwear. It helps athletes with their strength, endurance, and reaction time. It reduces stress and most importantly helps protect against the impact of a blow to the jaw.

There are many types of Under Armour Mouthwear, including pieces for non-contact sports and limited contact sports. Our most requested mouthwear has superior protection and comfort for contact sports. Many football, hockey, and other high-contact sports players wear our Under Armour Mouthwear, which helps reduce the impact of a jaw blow by twenty percent.

Even non-contact sports players benefit from Under Armour Mouthwear because it helps them relax their jaws. Many sports players clench their jaws the entire time, making them more likely to have temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). It can also be exhausting to clench your jaw for an entire game or match.

Once you decide to get Under Armour Performance Mouthwear, we will work with you to decide which model is perfect for you. One of our dentists will also do an examination and take an impression of your mouth to ensure a good fit. We send the impression to the lab and the finished product gets shipped to us. You then come back into our office to make sure that it fits properly.

Feel free to contact us at (330) 673-0121 if you have any questions about Under Armour Mouthwear.